A Look At the Popular Kitchen Countertops

Designing the interiors of a kitchen has become more challenging than ever with more and more new designs coming in every now and then. Today, kitchen countertops are more than just areas to place your used cups and utensils. The right countertops can become the style statement of your house. 

Today, one can choose their countertops from multiple materials available in the market based on their needs and the budget. So, with so many options already available, it has now become easier to get your dream kitchen. 

In this blog, we have listed some popular kitchen countertops that have been greatly loved by people.


If you want to pick easy style, then marble is the solution. This is both elegant as well as shiny and will add a timeless touch to your kitchen décor. However, marble is more porous as compared to other stones and it is also softer, which makes it more susceptible to damages in the form of staining, scratching or chipping. 


Granite is a very popular option when it comes to kitchen countertops. These are highly durable and extremely resistant to scratching and heat levels. But since these stones are lightly porous, they can obtain stains from acidic liquids coming in contact with them. There is almost no need for any high-grade maintenance to upkeep these countertops. They will be resistant to chemicals only if they are properly sealed by professionals at the very beginning.


This is the strongest natural stone which you can pick for your kitchen. This is a sturdier option as compared to marble or granite. You will get the beautiful essence in it just like you have in marble. If you have an outdoor kitchen, this is something you should opt for. It can also withstand UV rays, but one must be careful as they are very prone to scratching.


Quartz is a separate entity and is not similar to quartzite. This is a non-porous stone which is also equally durable and resistant to damages. One does not need to worry about maintaining them much. Quartz being a manufactured product, offers a wide range of hues and colors to choose from. There are also multiple finish options available in it, which make this stone appear rich and luxurious.

Now you can pick some of the best countertop solutions for your kitchen from the Kitchen Wholesalers countertops collection.

By Darren Thompson
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