Benefits of Installing an Electric Tankless Water Heater and Shower Heater Combo

You’ve heard about all the benefits of installing an electric tankless water heater and a shower-heater combo. But are they all worth the investment? There are several pros and cons to each. 

Read below and learn more about the top four reasons to install one of these systems. 

Installing an electric tankless water heater and shower heater in your home has many benefits, including reducing energy bills and saving money. A tankless unit doesn’t need to store water, meaning it uses about 27% to 50% less electricity than a traditional unit. They also save you money on energy bills because they are connected to each room. As a result, you can take five-hour showers or fill up your hot tub with hot water.

Another advantage is that they don’t require you to climb over boxes or peer through supply or gas lines. Unlike traditional heaters, tankless heaters also prevent you from standing around a hot water supply while you take a shower. They also conserve water by reducing the amount of water used by up to half. In addition, installing a tankless water heater and shower heater will save you money over time by reducing energy costs by about 30%.

Unlike traditional models, you do not have to wait for a hot shower or washcloth. The tankless water heater is also highly efficient. It can deliver up to 50% more energy efficiency. However, it is essential to understand that a tankless water heater is more expensive than a conventional one. You may need a neutralizing cartridge to maintain the hot water temperature.

The flow rate is one factor to consider when choosing a water heater. The higher the GPG, the better. The same model can provide three to eight gallons of hot water per minute, depending on the model and climate. This is sufficient for most families, although some gas tankless heaters can deliver higher flow rates. This is an important consideration, as you need to know which type will work best for your water usage.

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By Clare Louise
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