FAQs About Termites 

The average person does not know much about termites. Some facts like termites never sleep and that they work 24 hours a day the entire year can surprise people. Another not-so-amusing fact is that a single termite colony can have one million of them. If you have a colony around your house, be prepared to face a lot of issues. 

Getting pest control Austin, TX, to get rid of termites is the best financial investment to protect your home and family. Termites can inflict millions of dollars of damage every year. Every homeowner should be aware of termites, how to recognize one, and what to do when they invade their home. 

FAQs about termites

  • What should I do during termite swarm season?

While termite swarms only last about 30 minutes, they can still be frightening. Most termites cannot fly very well, so there is a chance that they will stop at your house instead of reaching their new nest. If they enter your home, you should wait it out as most termites die on their own without any intervention. All you need to do is clean the mess later. 

  • Can I treat my home myself?

You can treat your home using DIY methods, but you probably won’t be able to take care of the problem in the long term. Moreover, homemade methods are only effective when the problem is very limited; that is, the number of termites is less. Professionals in Austin, TX, use specialized equipment and chemicals needed to treat your home. DIY methods should only be used when the protection is smaller, such as wood piles, fences, sheds, and decks. 

  • Do termites bite and harm human beings?

No. Termites do not depend on human or animal blood or flesh for survival; thus, they cannot harm you or your pets. You do not have to worry about termites causing physical harm, but they will inflict structural damage to your homes and furniture. In fact, most people do not encounter termites apart from the swarming season. 

  • Are termites found everywhere on Earth?

Yes. Termites are pretty much found everywhere in the United States, except in Alaska. There are about 2,700 species of termites, and around 40 are found in the United States. 

  • Are termites important for the environment?

Although termites can be a big problem for both homeowners and business owners, they are important to maintain the ecological balance. Termites break down plant fibers and recycle dead trees by decaying them into the soil. They are naturally attracted to wood and are only doing their work. 

By Clare Louise
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