Five Benefits of Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Cabinets can take a huge part of your kitchen renovation budget. Thus, getting new cabinets can be the right option for many homeowners. However, you should also know that cabinet refacing allows you to upgrade your kitchen’s look without spending a fortune. There are a lot of reasons you should consider Armoires En Gros refacing instead of changing out your kitchen cabinets completely. These include the following:

Time Savings

Kitchen cabinet refacing can save you both money and time. With this process, you do not need to install new cabinets, which tends to be a tedious process as it involves repairing the sink, reworking your plumbing system, and fixing electrical sockets. 


Usually, kitchen cabinets are made of wood items, bonded together using special glue. If you include your cabinets in your kitchen remodel, they could end up in a dumpsite and cause a significant amount of waste. And as fumes linger in the air, they can contribute to air pollution. Cabinet refacing can fight this waste and prevent the use of unnecessary resources by upcycling usable items and preventing extra waste.

Design Alternatives

During a kitchen cabinet refacing, the installer will get rid of the doors and drawers in the cabinets, paint the insides, and replace their front parts with new ones. This can give your kitchen a new and renovated look, which is perfect if you have been craving a renovation. 


The primary reason you may want to reface your kitchen cabinets instead of changing them is the price difference. With cabinet refacing, you can pick a new design at an affordable price. Also, you do not have to spend money on both new materials and the labour costs associated with a complete cabinet replacement. 

Increased Home Value

An updated, aesthetically pleasing kitchen will add to the value of your home. A lot of homeowners undertake a full-blow kitchen remodel that is costlier than what the value of their home can support. Getting overly ambitious with a renovation project can prevent you from recouping a huge portion of what you spent when you sell your home someday. 

Outdated kitchen cabinets can turn off possible buyers; however, the replacement costs may not be worth it down the road. Ripping out kitchen cabinets lets you get into big bucks, adding to your bottom line. When you have your cabinets refaced, you can make your house attractive to you and possible buyers. 

By Darren Thompson
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