Generator Care and Maintenance Tips

Most generator owners neglect the machines after installing them. How you integrate it into your home or commercial property is essential. So, it is critical to use a specialist for the installation to avoid risks of accidents and entry of poisonous fumes at home. But, it is essential to take proper care and maintenance of the generator. 

Learning the best way to care for a generator will ensure it performs optimum and extends its service life. You do not need to worry as we will offer you insights into managing and maintaining the machine. Read on to learn about the practice.

How to Care and Maintain your Generator

Generators will save you when you do not have an electricity supply. They exist in different models depending on their features and fuel. The diesel generator is the most common item in the market. You can find out more about their requirements when investing in the model/. Below are tips to help care and maintain any generator;

Operate it frequently

Since generators act as a backup power supply, you can stay for long periods without operating them. Although it is the case, it would help run the machine after dormancy, preferably at least once a month. The initiative will help charge the battery and keep it fresh for optimal performance. Still, it will help with starting the generator during the cold season.

Although you will switch it on for a small duration, ensure you operate it in a well-ventilated area to avoid inhaling poisonous carbon monoxide. 

Clean the Components

Regular cleaning of the generator components is essential for its longevity. It ensures the machine operates at optimum and gives you a return on your investment through its extended service life. You can protect the components by using covers to prevent debris and other particles from entering the system. 

Check the air filter for dirt and clean it to improve the generator’s performance. Neglecting the parts will lead to degradation, and you will need to replace the components. You should use water with soap to clean the air filter. Be gentle to avoid damaging it and put it back when completely dry.

Check the Spark Plugs

Spark plugs will prevent generators from starting. It is vital to check the parts to ensure efficient ignition. You can use a wire brush to clean its surfaces if dirt prevents the generator from powering. Be cautious of damaging the plug if you use too much pressure to brush the surfaces. Also, please wait until the generator cools down to remove the components when cleaning or replacing them.  

Regular Inspection from a Skilled Technician

Although you care for your generator, it is advisable to have a skilled technician inspect it two times a year. You cannot detect some issues and need an expert to identify the technical problems. Regular inspection from the specialist is critical for your generator’s ultimate care and maintenance. The technician will offer you a detailed report on the generator’s condition and service it for optimal performance.


By Darren Thompson
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