How Do Curtains And Drapes Differ From Each Other?

Drapes and curtains—the two most popular window covering options! Is it something you’re getting confused with? Because many people use these terms interchangeably. Well, the two types are completely different from each other. Both curtains and drapes are made of different fabrics and create different looks. In this guide, you’ll explore how these two window coverings are different from one another. So, continue reading.

Difference Between Drapes And Curtains


Curtains—the fabric panels that are usually sold in pairs. They are known for their versatility as they come in an exclusive range of colors, widths, patterns, and lengths. This versatile window covering is suitable for any room whether it’s your bedroom, bathroom, lounge, living room, or kitchen.

Curtains are usually made of cotton, sheer, and linen—all are lightweight fabrics. As they always filter light, curtains are not considered ideal for bedrooms. This can be a big factor especially if privacy is your main concern.

When paired with shutters and valences, curtains can bring softness and enhance the aesthetics of your interior. In addition, you are not only limited to curtain rods. Metal rings, fabric rings, metal grommets—a lot of options are there to create a unique and different look.

One can differentiate curtains from drapes by the header. Curtains are stitched in so many pleat styles such as box pleats, pinch pleats, hidden pleats, and wave pleats, to just name a few.


Drapes, on the other hand, are fabric panels made of heavier fabrics. Their main purpose is to block the light this is why they are usually lined. Moreover, they are usually longer than the curtains.

Drapes are made of heavier fabrics such as damask, velvet, and silk. This is the reason why they will cost you more than curtains. Drapes give your windows a formal look as they come in solid colors. They are one of the best ways to complement any traditional décor.

Blocking light and reducing unwanted noise are two of the main functions of drapes. So, if privacy is your main concern, going for drapes could help you!

As drapes are made of heavier fabrics, there is maintenance is a little bit harder than curtains. Their fabrics need to be dry-cleaned.  Also, their installation process is more difficult than curtains.

The best thing that makes drapes a popular choice is they come with a motorized system. You can easily operate a motorized drape through an app or remote.

Curtains Or Drapes: Which One You Should Choose?

Well choosing between the two mainly depends upon your budget and needs. For lightweight, budget-friendly, and low-maintenance options, curtains are the best choice. And if you want luxurious window coverings that can provide you with extreme privacy levels, drapes are the way you should go for! No matter what type of window covering you are opting for, make sure to purchase them from a reputable company otherwise, you will have to face a lot of issues in the future.

By Darren Thompson
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