Simple Ways to Use Bath Bombs Outside the Tub


Bath bombs are a very popular cosmetic product in recent years. You must be thinking how can you use bath bombs in the shower. Here are the ways –

Sachets for storage boxes

This is a very simple project. Seriously. This DIY could also be used in the shower! Simply tie the backpack to the shower head. The shower vapour will enable the bath bomb to discharge its fragrance into the shower, enveloping you in fragrance!

Make Use of Them together in the shower

Whenever the bath bomb comes into contact with the bath water, it will affect the reaction rate and discharge its scent. You won’t have the bath bomb’s hydrating advantages, but you will be able to fully enjoy its nice, comforting scent!

Sugar Scrub Bath Bomb

You already know how much you enjoy a good exfoliant! While I would still not make this with dark or glittery bath bombs, it’s a wonderful way to utilize lightly coloured bath bombs such as these lavender bath bombs!

Fill a small jar halfway with squashed bath bombs. Replace the lid and give it a proper shake.

Maintain them in a pretty basket

Would you like to maintain your bathroom looking fresh? The concerted way, a few bath bombs in an ornament bowl, as if they were potpourri! Even though you wind down in the evening, the lilac scent will transport you to a relaxed state!

Deodorize with them

Bath bombs can be used to start making your own DIY Febreze! A cup of water disintegrates a tiny portion of a bath bomb. Enter a spray bottle halfway with the mixture. Homemade air and fabric freshener!

Use the Bath Bomb in conjunction with the Shower Head

Wrap the bath bomb in cheesecloth or an organza favour of getting a bag to keep it moisture-wicking. Connect the showerhead to the bath bomb. You would be able to enjoy the aroma and fizz of the bath bomb as the humid climate in the shower disperses it, similar to disintegrating it on the shower floor.

Bath Bombs will treat your feet

The following bath bomb uses outside the shower involve having some more imagination with the bath bomb.

Using a Bath Bomb, make a lavish foot bath

If you don’t have a bathtub, do you even have a basin or bucket to drench your feet? If you may not have a bathtub, this could be the ultimate guide for a bath bomb. Several of the advantages will be available to you.

Maximize the Perfume in a Bath Bomb

Bath bombs stimulate four of the five senses to produce a lavish bath. Clear view, make contact, odour, and sound (but do not eat them). The following suggestions centre upon using a bath bomb to stimulate the odour.

Make your Bath Bomb into a Freshener

Baking soda is a popular component in bath bombs. Baking soda soaks up odours in a room. Bath Bombs have perfume added to them. The mixture of baking soda neutralization bad smells, and the fragrance published into a room makes them an excellent deodorizer. Put an organza bag or a part of cheesecloth in drawers or closets to act as deodorizers.

Smash your Bath Bomb and use it as a décor room freshener

Bath bombs decorated with vibrant colours, floral petals, confetti, and glitter could add an elegant element to any room. If you crush your bath bomb and put it in an ornament, you can appreciate it for much longer than if it was simply disintegrated in a bath.

Traditionally, bath bombs are made with baking soda, clays, Epsom salts, and other powder form ingredients. Smashing them could cause a lot of dust to be released into the air. To prevent the spread of dust into the air, it is recommended to crush your bath bomb while it is in a plastic container or another airtight sealed bag.

Using your bath bomb, make a homemade air freshener

If your bath bomb is large, you could indeed cut it into four pieces and disintegrate one of the pieces in a cup. Remove the disintegrated bath bomb from the cup and place it in the spray bottle.

Use Essential oils with Your Bath Bomb

Essential oils are used to scent numerous Bath Bombs. Enable your bath bomb to disintegrate in a cup of warm water and set a tone in the room. If you have a huge bath bomb, cut it into four or more bits and use that for multiple aromatherapy meetings.

Travel with Your Bath Bomb

So you may not have a bathtub home, but are you planning a vacation soon? Bundle your Bath Bomb if the guesthouse or vacation home you’re staying at has a bathtub. Bath Bombs do not even take up much space; they simply safeguard them from humidity and crush them.

It’s a pleasant way of bringing anything from home and making a vacation more memorable. It might add a special touch to a bath.

By Darren Thompson
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