Solar energy VS Wind energy

All the renewable sources of energy are contributing towards the reduction of the toxic pollutants which are generated from the usage of non-renewable sources of energy. Solar energy or Wind energy are improving the economy by generating employment, by improving the air quality. There is no cost involved in the generation of energy from these resources, but their setup and purchase cost is quite high. Amongst the availability of alot of sources of renewable energy, one needs to be clear which is more beneficial for them. Solar energy as well as wind energy both are renewable sources of energy that are available in abundance, and both of them have their advantages over the other. Given below are a few points that highlight which source of energy is better in what aspect –

  • Large scale Industry

While you are in a large scale industry, solar energy would be your preference because energy production will be huge with the help of solar farms. Whereas, if windmill is considered, it would not give a very predictable output.

  • No sunlight at night

 Electricity is needed throughout the day, but energy generation in the case of solar energy can also take place during the day till the time sun does not sets. Whereas, in the case of windmills, the energy can be produced throughout the day.

  • Noise Pollution

 Noise pollution is one of the biggest disadvantages of generation of energy through the mill. Whereas, in the case of solar energy there are no such noises.

  • Space requirements

Solar panels can be set up with the help of a solar contractor easily on your roof without taking up much space. Whereas windmills are huge and they require alot of space to fit themselves and there are huge acres of land required for it.

  • Effective

Solar energy consumers more sunlight but generate less electricity whereas windmills on the other hand consume less energy, whereas produce more.

Final Overview

Majority of Americans depend upon renewable sources for energy generation which is beneficial for both – the individuals as well as the environment they are living in. There are a lot of solar panels companies in Maryland whereas there are not much wind mill companies. Rest everything is based upon where you live, if you live at a place where there is sun coming throughout the year then solar energy would be the best but if you will at a place which is always windy then windmills are a good choice for you.

By Clare Louise
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