The Benefits of a Network of Plant Leasing Depots to a Long-term Collaboration

If you are looking for a long-term relationship with plant hire services that match the needs of your business, one important aspect that you should look at is where the depots are located, and how many depots they have attached to the plant hire company. Delivery of machinery and equipment to your site, on terms that suit your project plans and schedules, is a vital part of how you operate as a business. Finding a plant hire company that can match your needs in this area will go a long way to ensuring that your long-term plans are met successfully. 

A construction or engineering company will always be looking ahead to the next project, whilst ensuring the current projects are running smoothly. For many, there is no limit on where and how big a project site is. You could have upcoming projects in the remote far north of Scotland, or a tight city centre site in the middle of London. Every site brings with it its own challenges in terms of access, and this can hamper even the most well-thought-out and well-planned project. 

This is where a plant hire company with national delivery scope helps you to achieve what you have set out to do. During the planning phase of the project you’ll sit with your point of contact at the plant hire company and provide as much information as possible relating to the types of machinery and equipment you need to hire, when they would ideally be delivered on site, and the location and access restrictions for the site. 

If you are working at multiple locations at any given time, with widely different access restrictions and site challenges, a detailed level of planning, assisted by your plant hire company, is an integral part of the process. Good plant hire services will provide you with not only a wide range of options when it comes to your choice of equipment and machinery, they will also have a network of plant leasing depots to deliver to any location or site type across the country.

What this means in practice is that you should suffer minimal disruption on any project that you are working on. A network of depots provides you with the plant hire you need; on the dates you have agreed. In the worst-case, if there is a breakdown on site, you can rest assured that there is a replacement on the way asap, from a depot that is close to your location. This might not always be the case when working with plant hire companies that only have one, central location for a depot.

As you can see, the merits of finding a plant hire company with a network of plant leasing depots around the country make for a successful long-term collaboration between your company and plant hire services. If you can trust your plant hire partner to deliver what you need, when you need it, for any location no matter the tight access or remote location, you can plan for success. Whether the remote Scottish highlands with tough access, or tight city centre streets,your plant hire company should be with you every step of the way.This starts with the initial planning phase of a project through to delivery of plant hire and any assistance you need during a project until completion. 

By Clare Louise
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