The Best Home Addition Ideas For Your Dream House

It is evident that from time to time people might have the will to renovate, redecorate or provide certain home additions other houses to make it better and help it keep updated with the present scenarios.  It is very much possible that a family can grow from the time that they bought the house an over the years, the house may require some changes that are absolute necessity and therefore needs a keen attention towards it.

Bringing in home addition ideas are one of the prominent ways to remodel the house and keep it updated as for the aspects better required to be changed in the house. These home additions can be categorised in four parameters that include styling, creating more space, the cost of construction and the necessary appliances that are required to make the change. The four categories of home additions are as follows:

  1. Conventional house additions

The conventional house editions are nothing more than an extension of the house keeping in mind the architectural structure of it. By Foyr Neo conventional home you generally find a structure where the house is 2 bedrooms a kitchen bathroom and living area that are all attached giving it a small and cosy environment but not quite spacious. It is for this reason that certain additions to the house like a guest room, living room, an extension to the already present kitchen, or even a master bedroom are some of the additions that are generally considered.

  1. Room additions or bump out

As said in the name, room additions are specific to adding a small room besides an already existing one which can work as a Home Office, a study room or a small personal library as per the owners desires. Bump out specifically refers to the extension or in simpler words, making and room more spacious than it already was.  For example if someone wishes to expand their kitchen and make it more extensive and give it a new look, constructions are done with regard to the roofing, flooring and the walls.

  1. Sunroom additions

Sunrooms are luxurious editions that are provided in the exterior of the house with extravagant glass doors making it visible from all the sides, making it a plush area for lounging or even for the purpose of adding a greenhouse to the well decorated home. Sunrooms are not quite the functional addition and therefore do not require any temperature control appliances.

  1. Garage additions

Times people convert their garage into a more lively space for people to launch similar to that of the living area. This process of conversion of a garage into a lounging area is quite simple and only requires the changing of the flooring the ceiling and sometimes even the walls ask for the needs, with certain additions like electricity and plum line that are required for the benefit of the people.


All of these are possible in quite affordable and in a well-planned manner with the help of Foyr Neo whose 3D images and well transcribed photographs and short videos helps house owners to understand the additions that are required to be made And the changes that requires to be done including the process in which it will happen.

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