Tips For Disinfecting Your Kitchen Countertops 

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a home, and also the dirtiest one. If you regularly cook in your kitchen, it should not come off as a big surprise that the kitchen is filled with bacteria. Food does not have to be rotten to create a breeding ground for bacteria. Anywhere there is food, fresh or rotten, there will be bacteria. 

That being said, it is extremely important to keep your kitchen clean. When you prepare food for your family and loved ones, you certainly do not want them to become sick. You must clean your Comptoirs de cuisine Méga Comptoirs with the right tools and techniques to avoid getting sick. 

Tips for disinfecting your kitchen countertops 

  • Clean any spills or leaks immediately. 

You may think a little spill or leak does not hurt the cleanliness of your kitchen, but you may be wrong. The longer you let liquids sit on your kitchen counter, the more bacteria accumulate. Wiping the counter with a piece of microfibre cloth does not take more than two minutes. Perhaps the biggest secret to keeping bacteria away is cleaning spills as soon as they happen. 

  • Disinfect your sponges. 

Many people are unaware of the many types of bacteria and germs that grow and accumulate on your cleaning sponges. The sponges you use to clean your kitchen should be cleaned and disinfected as well. If you do not clean them, you are only transferring germs from one place to another, instead of actually cleaning anything. 

Clean your sponges after every use. If this is too much work for you, you may buy multiple sponges at once. Also, remember to replace them after every two weeks. 

  • Have cleaning aids handy. 

To maintain proper sanitation, you must use the right cleaning products for your kitchen countertops. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends using water and soap solutions to wipe counters. Kitchen counters contain all kinds of germs, from fruits, vegetables, raw meat, and other food items. 

To disinfect areas where raw meat is prepared, it is recommended to use a cleaning aid specifically designed for countertops or a weak bleaching solution that you can prepare at home. 

  • Keep your kitchen dry. 

If there is one thing fungus, bacteria, and mold like, it is moisture. Wet and damp areas are the best breeding grounds for germs. Keeping your countertops and other areas of the kitchen will make them less appealing to microbes that make you sick. 

By Darren Thompson
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