Tips for Saving Money When Moving Home 

The big move to a new home is usually the last stage of the property-buying process and, arduous though it can be, should always come with an air of triumph. The old place has been shifted, a great new home has been found, secured and you find yourself on the very cusp of a new chapter in life. If you have ever been in this position though, you will not need telling how important it is to try to make a few savings here. Moving home doesn’t come for free, but after the amount of money no doubt spent on every proceeding stage of the process, it is wise to make a few savings where you can. 

CityHome Collective, a real estate brokerage out of Sat Lake City, Utah, say that the amount you can expect to spend when actually moving home relies on too many diverse factors to even give a ball park figure. Are you moving across the country or to another area of your town? How much stuff do you have to move and what moving company have you elected to go for? Your move could mean forking out a lot of cash to the removal company and on other expenditures – or it could be remarkably cheap. 

Saving Money on Your Move 

Ultimately, the amount you will spend depends on these aforementioned factors above all else, but that doesn’t mean you can’t limit the expenditure in each individual case. Your move is either going to be cheap or expensive – but you can always make it cheaper. 

Moving home from property to property is something that humans have been doing for nearly all of recorded history, and there is no shortage of real-world examples for saving money when you move. And whether you are travelling far or only close by, or whether you’re moving to a semi-detached or a condo, the moving process has several stages which don’t vary too much. It is at this point that you can hopefully save some money. 

Tips for Saving Money When Moving 

So, what are these tips for saving money as you move? The following advice might be pretty general, but it is sure to be applicable to your situation in some way. After all, the same services are used and the same processes gone through in nearly all cases. 

Save Money on Packaging 

Depending on how much stuff you have, boxing it all up and wrapping it securely can pile the dollars on to your moving bill. Luckily, packaging is hardly advanced technology, and there are many items (in fact, a majority) that can be safely transported in even the simplest of cardboard boxes. Why not ask around your friends or check your local supermarket for crates and boxes? 

DIY as Much as Possible

Do you need to enlist a professional removals company for absolutely everything that you hope to take to your new home? For the largest properties or the furthest distances, the answer to that is probably yes. However, there are many circumstances when loading up your car can do the job for a fraction of the price. This is even more so the case if you can get motorist friends to help out. 

Book Midweek 

It might not be feasible at the last minute, but with only a little planning, you can certainly arrange a removal date at any time that would suit you – and you will not have to pay premium weekend removal rates. 

Moving into a new home should be a joyous moment, so it’s wise not to spoil the feeling with a massive removal bill.

By Darren Thompson
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