Would reupholstering your furniture from scratch be the thing to do or should you consider buying new furniture? It is a hard choice to make considering the increase in costs of everyday life, someone might say that both would amount to a similar value so why not just buy a new one and save ourselves and our effort, but some might emphasize upholstering or reupholstering to preserve our nature and possibly giving a second chance to our beloved furniture.

Now, before you decide to start upholstery make sure your furniture infrastructure is strong enough to go through that process, if it was a piece of investment then you can go with it but if you bought it from Target or a thrift store see if it’s strong enough if not then throw it away. You can make sure by sitting on it and crouching if it makes creaking sounds or rattles then it’s better to be left in the trash rather than your place and you should get a new piece.

The main issue that comes with getting something new is to decide between the numerous choices available on the market in a variety of styles, design, fabric, color, and what not but if you wish to upholster you might have to make similar choices as well to decide the springs, wooden fittings, and the fabric. If you own the fabric then it might be very cheap in comparison to the new furniture.

What value does that piece of furniture hold? Is it your grandparent’s couch or seat or is it something from your younger days and holds valuable memories and dreams not fought for yet? It might be an antique piece or a family heirloom that you wish to revive and keep the legacy ongoing. Then it is better to go with the upholstery process.

Buying new furniture may make your home look different and give it a better view or you can also move towards new ideas for renovation and makeover, but if you do not intend to go through such changes then a customized new piece would be better for you or you can just go towards upholstering without thinking about what else you need to change according to the new furniture.

Taking the expert’s opinions, choices and reviews lessen our burden in unimaginable ways, just going through the new furniture catalog might become boring and difficult to understand but the professional will make it a breeze for you. Similarly, when deciding on upholstering do not forget to take some advice from them, or better yet you can take their services as well which might cost you a bit but will save you from the hassle of all the marketing and doing it by yourself. If you are looking for a new adventure and bonding time then doing it by yourself with family and appropriate safety measures would be great as well.

Upholstering your furniture and buying new both require the same amount of effort and time. They may have different price tags but to us, it is all the same. So be sure as to where you wish to spend it.

By Lillian Hicks
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