What To Expect To Pay For Moving-In Fees At Your Apartment?

Apartment searching is a fun experience, but it can also raise many questions, particularly regarding the rental costs. The rental process has many details, such as move-in costs and security deposits, whether you’re renting your first apartment or moving to an entirely new city. Leasing an apartment usually requires some deposit. A tenant may be required to pay various deposits to a landlord, including a security deposit and a pet deposit (for pet owners). However, you might also encounter a move-in fee. What distinguishes a move-in fee from a security deposit? Let’s begin our conversation now, shall we?

The Distinctions Between Security Deposits And Move-In Fees

    • Move-in fees are not refundable, but security deposits are.
    • Security deposits are significantly more expensive than move-in fees.
    • Move-in costs are not subject to regulation, but security deposits are.

What Are Apartment Moving-In Fees?

A security deposit and a move-in fee are entirely different expenses. Some landlords charge this non-refundable fee to prospective tenants to cover the cost of repairs and minor renovations to the rental. The landlord has the discretion to charge this fee, and the updates they might make with it include a new key fob to enter the community or a fresh coat of paint on the walls. Usually, the fee is for the landlord’s services before a new tenant moves in.

Simply put, the moving-in fee pays for any minor repairs or maintenance required before your move-in. For instance, management might decide to paint the walls if they are dingy and scratched. The fee includes new keys, key fobs, and key cards, frequently required when you move in. Some examples of the line items they have are as follows:

  • Repairing Rips
  • Paint Brushes (Unit, Gate, And Mailbox)
  • If Necessary, Buy New Appliances
  • Cleaning Up After The Previous Tenant’s Move-Out
  • Cleaning The Carpet
  • Repairs Related To Wear And Tear
  • Rewriting Security System Code

Why Do I Have To Pay Apartment Move In Fees?

A move-in fee is typically assessed to a tenant when they sign a new lease. The fee covers the cost of processing and accommodating new tenants, such as updating directories and reprogramming security systems.

Moving Costs Will Continue To Exist

Even though moving-in fees are a hassle to pay, property management companies won’t stop using them anytime soon. Before you sign any paperwork, please find out how much you will be responsible for and ensure it fits into your budget. After all, you receive a lovely, clean unit in exchange for your trouble, which is very valuable. Increase your investment and keep it in pristine condition!

By Darren Thompson
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